Simply the BEST installation experience you will ever have!
Comm Link is definitely a leader for what they do in this industry. In addition to their excellent workmanship, I have found that EVERY technician and engineer that is employed by Comm Link is of the highest caliber for technical expertise and experience!

With offices in Maryland and California, Comm Link Inc. can now accomodate your customers on both coasts in an effort to eventually expand to provide installations Nationwide! more
We offer complete systems integration - from conceptual design planning through ultimate installation, integration, and hands-on training.

Design Services
        Room Design
Plasma & LCD Installations
        Display Install
        Video Conferencing System Install
Projector & Screen Installations
        Projector Display Install
        Projector Video Conferencing Install
        ~requires multiple installers~
Video Conferencing Basic Install
        VTCS Install
VTC Infostructure Installation
        VTC Infostructure Install
Time & Material:                                 Full-Day Install
        One Tech Install
        Two Techs Install
        Advanced Tech Install
Time & Material:                                 Maintenance / Troubleshooting
        Standard Tech
        Advanced Tech

Comm Link is a leading provider of Video Conferencing and AV solutions

We specialize in designing, integrating, installing, and servicing audio, video, and video conferencing systems in various markets.

Our field services provide top expertise

Our engineers, installers, and techs have gone through extensive training and possess various industry certifications.

Subcontract all of your company's Video Conferencing and AV solutions to Comm Link Contractors and you are bound to prosper!

Partneing with Comm Link empowers your organization to provide a complete Video Conferencing and Audiovisual Solution to your existing customer base. We will design, install, integrate, and maintain your product for your customer, so that you can focus your resources on your business.

Don't let an independent AV contractor manage and provide support services to your customers - let our company's professionals do it!

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