Comm Link Inc. is a SERVICE ONLY organization specializing in Design, Installation, Integration, Service, and Support of Videoconferencing, Audiovisual, and Digital Signage systems.

When Comm Link Inc. came into business in 2004, its core business was providing subcontractor Audiovisual and Videoconferencing Installation and Design services. Majority of the work was subcontracted to Comm Link by other companies that could not meet the fast-paced environment of the AV & VTC market. Immediately, Comm Link proved to deliver high quality Installation & Design Services for both simple and complex projects alike.

In 2006, we decided to expand our horizons and are now actively looking to collaborate with companies that are either interested to expand their business into AV, Digital Signage, and Videoconferencing arena, or are in need of professional assistance with installation, design, or maintenance services. By collaborating with Comm Link Inc., you can expand your business to both deliver or bundle AV solutions to your existing customer base, which you can also expand by offering new services in a multi-media market. Additionally, Comm Link Inc. can help you get your business started, or aid you in your existing business, by providing exceptional installation and maintenance services.

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  • SERVICE ONLY Professionals
  • Success of the company is due to strict subcontracting agreements with industry giants and precise execution of services.

  • Experience.
  • Our team of experienced and dedicated field engineers have performed over a thousand installs for many of the FORTUNE 100 companies just in the past 3 years.

  • Certified & Trained.
  • Regular training sessions keep our engineers informed and up to date.

April 2, 2007 -- Comm Link Inc. is pleased to announce the addition and appointment of a new partner Roman Genkin.

“We are excited to add Mr. Roman Genkin to the Comm Link family and are confident that his commitment, experience, and knowledge will help take us to new heights. Starting immediately, we will be transitioning our major accounts to Roman Genkin, he will also be responsible for developing new and improved operational protocols and generating quality assurance procedures.” (Leon Fridman of Comm Link Inc.) more

Mr. Roman Genkin can be contacted via e-mail at